Luxury Grass 30mm
Artificial Grass Luxury


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Outdoor play is an important part of children’s development and well being as well as our pets. Everyone find however that the garden can become a chore to cut, feed, weed, and generally maintain which can lead to children losing out on your time. which is spent maintaining the lawn instead of playing together outside. To put it differently imagine that you can have the perfect garden with almost no maintenance.
Synthetic landscape turf has very little maintenance and ensures a beautiful outdoor space witch is something for all your family including friends and pets to enjoy. With synthetic garden grass this can be achieved even in the winter. When your old garden is to wet to walk on, it can be transformed into a pretty relaxing area to unwind.

Luxury 30mm

With its revolutionary soft feel and organic looking thatch infill. This is one of the most natural feeling and looking synthetic grass products available. Beautifully manufactured and natural looking to replicate real grass without the hassle of looking after it. The luxury product is surely a high spec 30mm product designed and manufactured in conjunction with Simply Grass to be soft to the touch. Yet one of the most durable on the market. Luxury easily holds its own with the highest spec grass of other leading brands but at a fraction of the cost!



Pile Height: 30mm.
Guage: 3/8”.
Colour: Bi-colour Emerald & Olive.
Width: 2m, 4m.
Grass Composition: Two Yarn Monofilament Polypropylene  & Polyethylene W shaped fibre, UV stabilised.
Weight: 2.4kg/m2.
Life Expectency: 15 years and over subject to installation and correct usage.
Guarantee: 7 years limited warranty.


Don’t forget you may need to purchase our joining kit depending on carpet ordered and joints required.