Is my artificial grass easy to install myself?



Will I need to remove my existing lawn?



What kind of base will I need?



How will I cope with the part of the garden that is always wet?



Can i alter the layout later on?



How do i join Artificial Grass together?



Is there a directional pile to the grass?



How should i edge it?



How easy is it to cut and shape Artificial Grass?



Can Artificial Grass be installed on wooden decking?



Is Artificial Grass suitable for a sloping site?



Will my Artificial Grass fade?



Is it safe to barbeque on top of Artificial Grass?



What happens if i drop a cigarette on my Artificial Grass?



Is the Artificial Grass pet friendly?



Do smells remain in the grass?



What about maintenance?



Should I use chemicals on my Artificial Grass?



Will the appearance of the Artificial Grass change over time?



What does Artificial Grass feel like to walk on?



Can children use it safely?



Can Artificial Grass be used near a swimming pool or hot tub?



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